Master Sass

Ginni Rometty will not be wearing the green. Jacket. Hootie’s legacy lives on. Azaleas past bloom. Payne in the grass. Oh, well. Kids were cute in caddie suits on Par 3 day. Arnold, Jack & Gary. Troika of legends. Then, broadcast trio. Miller, Baker-Finch, Faldo. Thursday’s touted trois ready to tee-off. Tiger, Rory, Phil. Fore! cast. Thunderstorms galore.

Meanwhile, bi-parti-sanity is happening in D.C. Obama signed the Gillibrand-Brown bill banning Congressional insider trading. More of this, please.

2 Replies to “Master Sass”

  1. Chatter by Obama, Romney, Morning Joe doesn’t matter to Billy & Co. They don’t care. I don’t care, either. I have a pretty pink hat from Augusta National.


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