Foolish Mess

Halloween, April Fool’s snow. Told you so. Nice in between, though. Bye winter.

Rachel Maddow speaking at my alma Mount Holyoke. Her new book depicts the drift of U.S. military’s missions over the past decades. Creeping worldwide warring culture. American Empire? I say yes. The guy who moved next door to Sarah Palin in Alaska, Joe McGinniss, is now stalking Northampton’s courts. He’ll be writing about cases in the Pioneer Valley. Bully¬†movie coming out has local ties. Hampshire College and Amherst High School grads keys of the production.

5 Replies to “Foolish Mess”

  1. The Amherst High school grad also graduated from Colorado College.
    And, I don’t think the Supremes will decide until early June.


    1. Cool. And Joe McGinniss went to Holy Cross.

      Supremes voted today and then will write opinions for each side. Final decision announced in June or July. Wouldn’t it be great if today’s vote were leaked?


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