Doc Day

Doctors’ Day. Tomorrow. March 30. It’s easy to dismiss the profession as well-paid or pampered. Not true. I’m married to a devoted pediatrician. He cares, cures, holds hands. Long hours. Not billable. He patiently helps non-patients, too. There are good docs and bad ones, but when you are sick, who do you go to?

YankeeCandle’s CEO is UndercoverBoss Friday night. Teddy Forstmann (Padma’s late beau) bought the Deerfield company years ago. Original creator Kittredge and Son’s KringleKandle, new complex up the road in Bernardston.

Zzzomney the robotic rich Rominee. He needs Rubio for Florida and the Hispanic vote. Just got Marco’s endorsement. Won’t be long before we’ll have MR2.

8 Replies to “Doc Day”

  1. Morning Joe doesn’t think it will be Rubio but Portman instead- Rob is a high school friend of mine and a home grown Cincinnatian. Our moms played tennis every Friday for 25 years . Rob is a good guy even if from “the other side”. Will be an interesting summer if anything could be interesting involving Zzzomney…………..

    Also I wouldn’t be here today but for the ” good docs” !


  2. Please ask Sarah to be the VP candidate. I beg you Mitt!!! Tina Fey is bored with 30 Rock. So when I need my next prostate exam, Dr. G. is my man? Ooooohhhhh.


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