Mad Men 5

As we watched Seasons 1-4, there was not the slightest inkling that we would have a mAdBen in our midst someday. Even 17 months ago. Not a clue. Was our MadMen obsession a catalyst? Maybe. Because now we do.

mAdBen survived Ogilvy’s grueling Super Saturday a year ago to become a coveted Craftsman of Culture. He’s created a video based on the movie, The Hunger Games, satirizing the process for this weekend’s 2012 recruits.

And…MadMen Season 5 starts Sunday. Woo hoo!

6 Replies to “Mad Men 5”

  1. Cute! I have to be honest… I’m so out of the loop. I don’t know what the hunger games are? But I loved the back of Ben’s head! And a very good delivery on his line! : )


    1. Good catch. You knew it was the back of him, Aunt Alicat. He wrote/produced/directed as well. Hunger Games opens tomorrow. It’s a ‘Twilight’ demographic. How about some Jake pix??


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