Porch Joe

Lounging on the porch with a cuppa joe on a March morning? It’s crazy and I like it. 77 degrees on St. Joseph’s Day? Swallows didn’t even need to leave the mission at Capistrano. Just north wedding bells recalling SanFran day for darling duo.

Did Romney really say he can relate to black people because his ancestors had slaves? Santorum was nasty on Sunday, dissing Willard’s character. Have to admit, even I wouldn’t be callous enough to strap Fido to the roof of the car.

NCAA, I’m 2 for 4. Joe-y 3 for 4. Joe’s finally back on his own Morning Show.

8 Replies to “Porch Joe”

  1. # 2 son says bit on Romney was a fraud as that website is apt to do.

    going to Cafe Boulud for 18th anniv. will report back. remembering us all in grand ballroom of Fairmont many moons ago.

    this is some weather………………….


  2. cancelled CB as both of us too tired and going down the block to Petaluma so can’t give you a review. sorry next year


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