Philly Cheetos

Congrats to MichaelB, on becoming a ‘Philadelphia lawyer’. Competence characterizes the complimentary cliche. Anita will have to check out the new Barnes Art Collection when she’s off abuela- duty on her next visit.

RecipeDetoursBroccoli with Cheetos. It’s the specialty of the house at ParkAveWinter- NY. Don’t believe it? Here is the recipe in Saveur. If this surprises you, guess what? Most chefs don’t write the recipes in their own cookbooks, they have ghost-writers. And if that shocks you…

What’s with all the hubbub about the disgruntled Goldman guy?  In his New York Times Op-Ed, Greg Smith disses the culture at Goldman Sachs as he resigns. Me thinks his bonus was crappy. Or he didn’t get a promotion. There’s more to this story. Profits first? Always. Bonuses for outré products? Of course. Not newsworthy. Nor worthy of an op-ed in what was once a prestigious journal.

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  1. Goldman bashing, banker bashing, capitalism bashing – it’s been around for years and it’s still newsworthy. Charles Dickens gave it a go in a few of his great works so why not The New York Times? Maybe Greg Smith is a middle management whiner who didn’t get a good bonus, but it takes some serious balls to take on the likes of GS. He’ll never eat lunch in ANY town again.


    1. But, then doesn’t this make it ok for any disgruntled employee to trash his/her industry based on personal biases?! Hmmm. Not sure I agree that it was op-ed worthy in NYT.


  2. Hey my snowflake is very similar to yours. Broccoli and Cheetos rocks! We can have that with our now once a week red meat. Stupid medical reports screw me again!


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