Super Snooz Day

It’s the liberals fault? Yup. That’s what Rush says. His meager mea culpa a joke. As is Santy and Grinch’s lack of apology for their religion that tortured young boys with impunity. Contraception is hardly the Catholics’ most compelling consideration. 60 Minutes story of priest pederasty heart-breaking.

Speaking of which. Broken record alert. Zzzomney will win SuperSnoozDay and the nomination. RomneyCare will then be the catch-word of Obama’s Fall campaign. Too bad. Romney’s robotic run will not be fun.

Another 60 Minutes piece dealt with keeping kids from starting kindergarten until they turn six in elite schools across the country. When SanFran private schools told son Ben he’d have to wait, we moved to public school here. He’s happy to have started his career rather than being a senior in college this year.

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  1. the hair does not move and what was that on her left side holding the hair ? a bobby pin or a romney pin?? ugh…………….
    can’t wait to see you in NYC!


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