Weekend Treks – Messy March

8″ of snow, followed by weekend rain. Whadda mess. But hey, it’s March! Taxes, rewinding, reminding MadMen Season 4, fireside beef stew.

Live read of new play Prop. “8”, check it out. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Martin Sheen and more. Kudos to all who worked so hard, pro-bono in Caleeforneeya. Will Lindsay Lohan stay vertical long enough to pull off her SNL hosting stint?

March reads. Finishing Norumbega Park. RTL recommends short novel, The Shooting Party by Isabel Colegate, a country weekend in 1913 England.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Treks – Messy March

  1. wow that’s a ;ot of white stuff.
    kind of sounds cozy compared to
    my brother who is with the NBC/Weather Channel this weekend being a storm chaser. They were in IL yesterday in aftermath of tornado and today drove to KY to await more bad weather………………..ugh


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