Oscar Coaster

Whew. New York weekend roller coaster. Attractions, extractions. On the upside. Library Way. 41st between 5th and Park. Sidewalk quotes. All’s well that ends well. Watching ‘The Artist’ on Saturday afternoon at a Chelsea Cinema. Always Hotel Giraffe. CraftBar food. On the downside. CraftBar wine prices. Lincoln Center Ristorante. Corporate cafeteria atmosphere, overpriced bland brunch.

On to the Oscars. Red Carpet. Borat is an idiot. Ugly women critique panel? SKeibler gorgeous. JLo stunning. PCruz exquisite. Waiting for Billy’s opening, recording the rest. Hot tub! See after-show comments below.

7 Replies to “Oscar Coaster”

  1. They keep cutting away from important people like Oprah, James Earl etc to show that weird, creepy techno viola band. Maybe it’s a Viola pre curser.

    Show is actually getting better as the night goes on. Direction perfect and moving along at a good pace. Only blemish is cutting off Octavia. Billy brilliant. Although Angelina looks Sick.

    Feel free to give my opinion on your Oscar blog tomorrow. Oscar is back! Billy awesome. No one gives an acceptance speech like Captain Von Trapp!!! Enjoying it again like in the past. Welcome back Billy!!


    1. Yay. The Artist. So much fun to see it on Saturday in Chelsea! Agree, fun show when you can fast forward. Agree, why did they keep focusing on techno-band and not show stars?


  2. But why has Billy C dyed his hair? Looks horrible, of course mine probably does too! 🙂 Dress of the night – Penelope’s; runner up – Natalie Portman’s.


  3. So happy Meryl won. The movie wasn’t good but she was unreal as Maggie. Alison and I are only ones who didn’t like The Artist….didn’t really get it. Show was very good.


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