Valentine-grams of 4-foot teddy bears, and pajamas with bunny feet? Are men who buy this stuff married to ten-year old girls? It will get them ‘lucky’ once a year? Creepy and cupid. Johnny Depp gave his GF a vineyard. That I’ll take.

First mass-produced lacey greeting cards were made in Worcester, Mass. Bad idea. Hallmark holidays began here. Happy League of Women Voters Day.
And Best in Show. And…couldn’t SI afford a bathing suit that fit?


5 thoughts on “LoveMeNots

  1. just saw SI swimsuit cover “lady” interviewed on the Today Show.
    ugh don’t get me started …………………………….

  2. yes quite impressive………he did it on his own. hope my cardiologist doesn’t find out. tonight we will have Black Raspberry Chip.

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