Monday After

Tiger v. Phil at AT&T. Amateur Tony Romo looked more the pro as Mickelson’s round neared perfection. Frustrating for fans of the former Tigre. Lounged into Grammy-land where another addicted entertainer is memorialized. TheBoss, LLCoolJ, Bruno Mars great, then straight to two hours of Downton Abbey. As the war ends, new challenges and changes compress the classes. Back to Sir Paul trying to belt out his old classics. Know when to go gracefully into the night.

4 thoughts on “Monday After

  1. Best lines of the night were: “Don’t be defeated, it’s so middle class.” -Violet to Edith, and “If you’re going to be American about it, I’m going downstairs.”- Lord Grantham to Lady Cora Grantham. Wonderful television. Next week is the last week, I believe. I wish more American networks would get a clue—more good drama.


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