Half Time

SuperSupper. Chateaubriand with mushroom, shallot, red wine reduction. Gorgeous Pinot Noir from La Bete in Oregon. Boutique merchant in Shelburne Falls, worth the SideTrek. Unique inventory of stellar wineries.

Ad award goes to HalfTime Chrysler commercial with Clint Eastwood. Isn’t he a Republican? You are welcome, Mr. President. Madonna show retro-shabby, not chic. Lame. Literally. Al Michaels, NBC announcers, so AFC- biased, bad. Call the game. Geez. Too chatty. Cathy’s in her kitchen spot in absentia. Who will win?

6 Replies to “Half Time”

    1. You are correct. Clint is a Republican, and was stridently against the car company bailouts–kind of ironic. I puffed up my pillows, relaxed, and watched a thoroughly enjoyable hour of Downton Abbey.


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