Jan Blog 3

The Side Trek’s first post Jan 28, 2010. 30,000 visits later. Blahg, blahg, blahg.

Rory bested Tiger but Robert was solid as a Rock in the desert. SAG Awards. Nice statue. Quick, witty show. Watched Moneyball, Pitt & Hill engaging duo.

Niall Ferguson and I are still singing the same tune on ‘Yerp’, calling for the EU to centralize a la Switzerland’s financial structure. Indeed if the EU does not become a single ‘Yerpean’ entity, it’ll splinter, crater, and take us down with it. Zzzomney assembled advisors that resuscitated his campaign in Florida. Putting together a BainStreet marketing team, he can close the deal against Obama’s weak crew.

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  1. congrats on the 2nd anniversary of Sidetrek. definitely a highlight of my morning to look for your postings! so clever and smart. xx


  2. ugh and her stupid sleeveless tops and why sunglasses on top of her head at 6am when it is dark outside in FL ??


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