Go Ninants!

Yes I am conflicted. Love my Niners from SanFran days. mAdBen’s a native super fan. DaddyJoe’s Giants have my heart too. What to do? Root for another great game that goes down to the last play. Then, hope one of them blows the Patriots away. Joey3Sticks. New SB prediction. It’s not gonna be GreenBay.

In other news…Grinch stuck it to John King and the news media. Newt is scary, but he can debate. Nevermind his hypocrisy and bad behavior. He has promised to give Sarah a cabinet post. That could get complicated. Reege is bored, showed up on Today with Kathie Lee. GE guy finally fixed the fridge! Circuit board, not compressor. Everything runs on computers, give me old knobs.

7 Replies to “Go Ninants!”

  1. You have old knobs!!! Hahahaha. Oh my god, I need help.
    New SB prediction. Patriots 30 Niners 20. So you can bet the ranch that Baltimore and The G men will be in the SB because I can’t predict a thing. May Newt and gang continue to blather on while Barack sits quietly in the corner of the oval office laughing at these idiots. I won’t make a prediction but let’s just say it’s looking better. I’m out!


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