Recipe Detours – Veggie Chili

There were lots of hits on Recipe Detours recently, especially for the Veggie Chili, which is a fan favorite. Here it is. VeggieChili.

Since we are still using coolers on the porch, no recipes from here until fridge gets fixed. GE can you hear me? Not fun for a cook! Finding that canned soups, chilis, sauces are filled with salt, sodium. Even the “healthy” choices.

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  1. Progresso chicken and “wild” rice soup is really good but may contain salt. make sure it is the version with WILD RICE not white rice.
    sorry about the fridge.


    1. Have to wait for guy from GE tomorrow who may or may not have a compressor with him. It’s been a week, ugh. This is the only way to get it fixed under warranty. It’s only 5 years old. Jenn-Air oven too is 5 years old and has needed new computer panel 3 times. Our 20 year old Kitchen Aid dishwasher works like new.

      Progresso has tons of salt, but I’ll see if they make a lower salt product.


  2. I’d suggest Rao’s sauces and pasta! That is a bummer. I am awaiting the Thermador guy for my ovens too. I can use them, but not clean them. Remember Phyllis Diller’s routne how her oven was so dirty she could only bake one cupacake!


    1. Ha! No cupcakes. But, love Rao’s sauces, agree they are the best of the genre, even before I ‘doctor’ them.

      Got ‘Great Wall’ take-out last night. Still fresh, very good Chinese from Florence.


    1. whaaa. sniff. cry. wish.

      btw SiLex is trashing RHONY/Bravo and pitching a reality show. Creepy Simon, who’d want him? Have you been to Page Six’ hot find, “Crown” on UES?


      1. yes absolutely one of the worst restaurants I have been to and would never return. went for lunch in Dec.- only redeeming thing was pretty old world-style building.


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