No Debate

Is there a smarmier person than Diane Sawyer with her drippingly drawled out questions? Stephie let Paul and Santorum go at each other for half the debate, leaving Romney to stand with his hands in his pockets and grin. What? Thanks for making this the most boring primary season ever. Santy and Grinch defending Catholicism, promoting a theocracy. Have they met those pederast priests? Huntsman just hates Romney. Maybe David Gregory can shake things up. Otherwise we’re Zzzomney’d ’til summer. Guess it’s better than crazy Perry wanting to send troops back into Iraq. But, at least he’s for something.

6 Replies to “No Debate”

  1. not only is this pimary season boring but also depressing! ugh can’t even watch the debates or political shows anymore.


  2. What debate? Diane Sawyer purred like a Madame trying to make her clients comfortable. It seemed to me that no speaker had to adhere to a time limit and they all (except Jon Huntsman) sounded like a bunch of schoolboys.
    My faith in the media was revived by David Gregory and his command of his debate today. Where did these “candidates” come from? How dare they presume that they have what it takes to be President of the United States of America? They have no sense of history. They have no sense of what makes America work. They have no dignity (except for Huntsman – a voice of reason but one that is too late). I am appalled by Santorum using his religion to set the morals of this country. To think that the electorate worried that John F.Kennedy would be ruled by the Vatican. Santorum is nuts. Perry is like a nasty little schoolboy, smirking after he gets in his licks. Newt (isn’t that a small frog) forgets which way he is going and Ron thinks that we should turn history back to WW 1. At least Mitt looks presidential but basically, like the rest of the candidates (except for Huntsman) he is dishonest. Except for that, we are in great shape!


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