Kristmas Letter 2011

Dear Friends We Haven’t Seen in Twenty Years:

Zelda and I are so excited to update you all on our family’s meaningful 2011. Little Moonbeam graduated from Middlebury and is off saving babies in the Sudan. It’s so hard not to have him home over Kwanzaa, but we’ll light a candle of harmony for peace in the world instead of buying him a material extravagance. Our trust funds haven’t fared as well this year what with interest rates so low. Moose Lake cabin even lost value and we had to sell the canoe.

We’ll be serving braised short ribs to the homeless in our humble hamlet, of course without the meat. We chopped down a lovely two foot spruce in the woods and dragged it four miles back to the hybrid Prius. There’ll be plenty of sparkling cider, spring water and pine cone cookies at our annual yuletide open house. I’m so proud of Zelda, she cut off her 30-year ponytail to honor the end of the Iraq War. She’s still smarting from the bug bites she got in our OWS tent.

I am sorry to report that Dizzy, Moonbeam’s pet hamster, met a rather violent fate. It seems Mephistopheles, our thirteen year old tabby, still has some zing in her pounce. And, at the risk of boring you with my own gory medical procedures over the year, suffice it to say that scalpels, monitors and screws were involved. Oh dear, it’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.

Happy trails from the Bidrights,
Silent H, Massachusetts

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  1. seriously you have to write for a living!!

    the art reception went really well……….now I have to face Xmas shopping etc


  2. Didn’t we go to the one in Longmeadow back then when teaching there? Went to the original Chicopee one last year for G’s staff party for the first time and it didn’t look like anything had been changed (vacuumed) since the 70’s.


    1. Yes, we did go to the one in Longmeadow, and I can totally believe it has not changed. Just drink one of those monster drinks and you’ll never notice the frayed, dirty carpet.


  3. Dear Friends:
    It may be twenty years since we last saw you but we think of you often and remember the good times we all had living in the commune before the sheriff chased us off the property. Must admit that I just hated digging those latrines in the woods.

    So little Moonbeam is all grown up now! I remember how he used to love to sit and braid the ladies’ hair. What a handy little fellow.

    After leaving the commune we settled in a small college town where alot of “our kind” of people live. We raise pretty green plants on our property. We dry the leaves and pulverize them and add them, for an extra little kick, to the brownies and cupcakes that we bake. The customers love them and business is good.

    One sad note. We had to put ole Granny into the county home. We had suspected that all was not quite right with her when she insisted on walking around naked but things really hit the fan when she walked into a meeting of the Presbyterian Women’s Bible Study Group wearing nothing but her Depends and a scarf around her head. The women were really upset so we had to take action. Granny is very happy in her new abode. She has three meals a day and ice cream every afternoon.

    Life goes on and we are all well. We look forward to your letter of 2012.


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