New Tatoo

American movie version of Tatoo Girl coming out. Will it turn the dark, gritty evil of the Swedish films into stark gratuitous violence? Not sure I can see it. Want to remember Noomi Rapace as the perfect depiction of Lisbeth Salander.

NewTon Leroy kissed the Donald’s ring at Trump Tower. Ron Paul suggested they go next door to Tiffany’s to buy Christmas gifts for their wives. Jack Cafferty asked how important Trump’s endorsement is. He read what I said, “It’s more Zales than Tiffany. Nouveau cheap.” As Obama rallies ’round the Middle Class.

10 Replies to “New Tatoo”

    1. Dule (accent on the e) Hill was on West Wing, now on funny show ‘Psych’.
      He is in a new play and was on Morning Joe.

      Have a great time in Miami. Sooooo Jealous. Fontainbleu?


    1. They know it’s me cuz it’s always under Calaurore9. Right? I think they won’t post my stuff if they think it’s the same person all the time. Most of the ones he reads on the air, he says Carol in Northampton, Ma. Last night he just said Carol even though I did put the above. If you scroll down to the comments, you can see that it’s me.


      1. ugh Branjolina and their crew would have made the place even less palatable. It was wall-to-wall people pushing and shoving last Friday


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