Side Toast

It’s easy to recognize a non-native of the Pioneer Valley. They usually pronounce the H in Amherst, our neighboring town and college. We say AmErst. A local comedy troupe Side of Toast has created an online soap opera based on this colloquial quirk: “Silent H, Deadly H”.  Just in time for A-Man’s birthday week.

Christie endorses Zzzomney. Perry toast. Who should Romney pick as his running mate to liven things up? Think outside the box. We don’t want the winter and campaign to be a snooze-a-thon. Should Obama name a new running mate? Yes. Otherwise, he may be toast.

3 Replies to “Side Toast”

  1. yuck yuck shall pass on the “H” to A-man.
    taking him tonight to see “Mountaintop” with Samuel L Jackson and Angela Bassett. going to the HCNY for dinner first-our big night out. couldn’t get tix for tomorrow ( actual bday) as opening night.


  2. Hah vahd, another place with dropped consonants, scene of a cool bday party coupla years ago. Look forward to review of “Mountaintop”. Have fun.


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