Oh boy. Yawn. Snore. Entertaining campaign? We lose. Christie last hope for journalistic interest in the primary season. It’ll be over by March at the latest now and Zzzomney will likely prevail. RipVanWinkle til 2016. Whomever is at the helm, it’ll be a hellish economy ’til then. Palin’s looking better and better. Joke. Something to write and rant about at least. Trump-Bachmann 2012!

Remember when banks had their names etched in granite on headquarters buildings? No more. Removable plastic signs. Is it just me or is Mika wearing very thin? No pun intended. Blech. Morning Joe needs new people in general.

5 thoughts on “Zzzomney

  1. No hope for the presidential campaign. In Massachusetts, Warren vs Brown will be good. Issues and ideas, at least on her side.
    Totally agree with you about Morning Joe. Sleeves are a good thing, she should try them. They definitely need new “contributors”/guests. Michael Steele!, really?


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