Side Effects

James Carville has a long overdue prescription for President Obama. Panic! Indict! Fight! Fire current staff, enunciate clear and consistent response to Republican talking points, state a vision for the economic future of the country then fight for it! My Rx. Hire Carville. And Begala. And Gergen.

Drug commercials. What are side effects? Real Housewives jumping the shark when abuse and suicide are exploited for bucks and ratings. DeKooning Retrospective opens at Museum of Modern Art in NY on Sunday. Just got my pre-ordered copy of Erin Morgenstern’s (Smith College ’00) The Night Circus.

Recipe Detours. Indian Chicken. Check it out. Elevator Economy. SideBizness. Note to Rafa Nadal. Buy new underpants.

4 thoughts on “Side Effects

  1. Now crazy White House crasher Tareq Salahi is claiming his wacky real housewife of D.C., Michaele (or whatever, she made it up), has been kidnapped! Either he did her in, they made up the story for publicity, she finally left him, or all of the above. Ha.


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