Porch Lit

Still great literature to read on warm days and cool nights under the porch light.

Derby Day by D.J. Taylor is an homage to the Victorian novel. See review in Trek Books. Dr.Husband found Snowdrops, by A.D. Miller interesting (3 1/2 stars) and loved Russo’s That Old Cape Magic (4 stars). Pithy Vinegar’s picks from London: Les Bienveillantes, Jonathan Littell, translated from the French by Charlotte Mandell “The Kindly Ones”. Had Charlotte’s mother as wonderful French professor in the 70’s. The Warsaw Anagrams, Richard Zimler, Wish You Were Here, Graham Swift, At Last, Edward St. Aubyn (Melrose saga series), The Hangman’s Daughter, Oliver Potzsch from the German 1600’s Bavaria, The Sense of An Ending, Julian Barnes.

5 thoughts on “Porch Lit

  1. Check out “Kamchatka” by Marcelo Figueras, translated from the Spanish.
    Despite the title, it is novel with the Dirty war of the late 70s early 80s in Argentina as the backdrop. Not the horrific gore of that era, more about families. Funny and philosophical too.


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