Dodge Ball

Obama again going to the Congressional playground expecting different games, rules, outcome. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Nobody on the hill wants to play any kind of ball, but dodge ball. Get out of the middle, once and for all.

Am I the only one who remembers that Cheney was obsessed with invading Iraq long before 9/11? No one calls him on it. Makes me crazy, he’s getting away with re-writing history. GOP Debate. Ron Paul consistently kooky. Michele’s crazy stare at Perry. Moderating Mormons. Other guys. Who won?

Joe Scarborough singing his lamenting off-key song. On Morning Joe, The View. Why? Fantasy football. Yes or no, Joe?

3 Replies to “Dodge Ball”

  1. Obama had to give this speech and he had to draw a clearer line in the sand – you’re either for the people or against them. It was purely political. But why not? Tis the season!


  2. I thought he started out weak, but ended on a much stronger note, but Boehner doesn’t look like he wants to play in the sandbox.


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