Ocho Trek

Our Stevie Sancho has found his new hidalgo. Best day in a thirty-three year caddy career. And Adam Scott is hot. May watch the PGA again after all. Animal house meets Saturday night live. The JoeyPants and GaryShirts Show. Don’t ask. Brothers-in-law. I’ll be doing the shoulder Tango for a few weeks. Don’t ask.

Equity markets cratering. Fear not, there’s no where else in the world to put your money. Bond market fine. Things will stabilize. At what level is the question. Anderson Cooper is everywhere. Day and night. Kinda the Gordon Ramsay of journalism. At least somebody is working in August. While Rome burns.

Hey, Chad. Ocho Cinco is not Ochenta y cinco.

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  1. Total change of subject, but made your veggie chili yesterday and dined on a truly great meal tonight. Thanks again for sharing the recipe!


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