Yes, it’s Arrgust. Yes disgusted. Political dysfunction. Crappy debt-ceiling deal. More importantly, economic suicide. Revenues, growth, jobs not even on the radar. Country loses. Obama wimped out. Again. Disappointed and disillusioned. What’s the alternative? Austerity may bring some rewards. Tea Party wins the battle, but perception is everything. I believe they will lose the war in 2012. Wishful thinking? McConnell the big winner, brilliantly played.

Gabby Giffords’ return to the House to vote. Put everything in perspective.

5 thoughts on “Arrgust

  1. I am dumbfounded that anyone who is left-leaning or moderate would be so upset with Obama. By getting this deal, there’s no balanced budget amendment, no cuts in Social Security or Medicare benefits, and the cuts that he agreed to won’t happen till 2013, AFTER the Bush tax cuts will expire. This deal makes it absolutely certain that they WILL expire, in 2012.
    And the triggers he agreed to will force even the most conservative republicans to make concessions in the gang of twelve committee.


  2. Nothing. That wasn’t the purpose of this bill. But now we can turn our attention to that issue, which I wish had been front and center these past few months. But that’s not Obama’s fault. The debt ceiling should have been raised with a clean bill months ago. You gotta blame the Tea Party for this nonsense.


  3. I apologize, I don’t want to monopolize this post, but I just thought of something else. This House is not going to pass a jobs bill. That’s the bad news.
    The good news is that we still have about $180 billion from the Recovery Act that hasn’t been spent yet. That’s all being strangled by managerial processes. And a lot of that money is supposed to go to states, but republican governors are saying no to free cash.
    Is that Obama’s fault, too?


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