Beat Goez On

Political crap. Obama gesticulates to the people, Boehner capitulates to the Tea Bags. Same song, different key. Are you kidding me? More noise, no progress. Dug in. Conflating debt due with spending. Stupidity rules. Only reason markets not having conniptions, no other place to invest.  A crash could be a catalyst for change. Debt ceiling deadline slipping. Credibility gone. Dissembling doody.

On a lighter note, Franco apes it up and The Help is coming to the screen. Last two Harry Potter movies mailed in. Since I didn’t read books, not sure if it was bad writing or adaptation. Either way, bore and snore. Joey3 introduced me to great sports writer, Rick Reilly of ESPN. Beautifully crafted essays on Tiger as bad role model for kids over the years. On the course. Before off. Spot on.

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  1. Glad to help in any way. Off to the Cape for R & R…..ya right. 15 month old and “vacation” don’t exactly mix but we will make the best of it. Miniature golf, salt water taffy, beach and a hopeful night out at the Chatham Bars Inn await. Please do a CP witch dance for good weather!!


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