Twister Treks

Auntie Em! Historic tornadoes in the Pioneer Valley. Lots of them. Grazed Dr.Husband’s office building in Springfield. It’s bad there. So far, Baystate Trauma Center okay. Hope for the best. Former home towns, Wilbraham and Monson so much damage. Thoughts are with all victims. Geez, awful.

Down in New York, Sarah and Donald doin’ the twist in a mid-town pizza parlor. I told you. She’s literally learning ‘trumping’ from the Master. Weiner twisting in the wind. Change your name or stop twittering. mAdBen shmoozing with glitteratti tonight on the Intrepid. Dodge those storms on deck!

5 Replies to “Twister Treks”

  1. If any of you want to see something really crazy, there is an AP video on MassLive which shows what tornado did to to river. No wonder indigenous groups pay homage to Pachamama, Mother Earth. The power of wind and water is amazing.


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