Just Treks

Some joy amid eternal sadness at Ground Zero. Obama hit the right notes. Good to see heroes and families getting a little justice. Closer to home, Elizabeth Scheibel, D.A. who brought bullying into the national spotlight remains my hero. Phoebe Prince’s family got some solace. Mean kids seemed to have a modicum of remorse as Phoebe’s mother read personal statements to each perpetrator who admitted guilt in plea agreements. Again a bit of appropriate justice.

MadBen had dinner with ‘Roger Sterling’ tonight at Papatzul, a Mexican dive on Grand and West Broadway in SoHo. Poetico on Cinco de Mayo. Hope Jacob finally gets the boot on AmerIdol tonight. He’s always stunk. For all you House Hunters International fans, there’s an available abode in Abbottabad.

4 Replies to “Just Treks”

  1. so mean……….I liked Jacob !! It was the best but better than the guy who sounds like Johnny Cash.


    1. correction for the typo
      should have read ” It wasn’t the best……like Johnny Cash”.


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