Lon Done

Wish I were there. Sunny. Wouldn’t have to endure incessant wedding watch. They don’t care. It’d be different if Helena Bonham Carter, Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush were actual characters in the tale. Liz, Phil, Charlie, Cam not so much. Kate is cute okay. But, she’s been living with Princey for like six years. Why the fuss? Give me a good Philippa Gregory story any day. Guess it beats B-list celebs behaving badly. Libya, Syria. But, 4 more days?! To Jake’s first birthday.

4 Replies to “Lon Done”

  1. In my opinion, the wedding totally beats the B-list celebrities behaving badly! If you want a reality, the wedding is it. All the other reality shows are so not real. Read Leonard Pitts column today!
    Wow! An Annie Pants Rant! 🙂


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