Silly Plasty

Joan had a long date with a plastic dummy last night. No, not you Dr. Serta. Ricky Gervais thanks God for making him an atheist. Snorin’ Joe, say it ain’t so, speech wasn’t that bad. Veep snoozin’ better than air traffic controller. Will the Donald’s ‘looney’ play in Peoria? Jack read my comment last night.

I don’t recognize most celebs these daze. They all have the same face, nose, lips, chin, boobs. With rare exception, they look better in the ‘before’ photos. The Real Housewives of Stepford.  JLo is the most naturally gorgeous. I know Joey3, you don’t dig. Budget debate, Atlas shrugged? see SideBizness.

4 Replies to “Silly Plasty”

  1. They all suck this year!! None of them are even remotely attractive or have any talent. Judges love everyone. At least Simon would have had appropriate criticism for all. Not a singing/talent show anymore, it’s a cutesy infomercial/popularity contest. Ok, I’m done!!


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