Four Site

4/4. Final Four games terrific. Picked the right two, whoo hoo. Still sticking with my Butler. All the way. Fore! Phippy shoots 63 Saturday, wins Sunday. Peaked too soon before Masters? Beautiful early Spring day for a walk on the Connecticut River. Letterman crafted an homage to James Franco the other night unlike anything I’ve ever seen him do.Leslie Stahl’s story about teens gospel singing award-worthy. 20,000 hits on thesidetrek. More of you lurkers everyday.

3 Replies to “Four Site”

  1. go Butler Bulldogs………….

    agree about the Leslie Stahl story- let’s go to their next concert.

    another gray windy day here in NYC-grrrrrrr


  2. I have always felt that I would be more likely to go to church if I went to one with great gospel singing. Too bad I can’t sing at all!


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