Cool Spring

Birthday souvenirs from Lisbon before its own quake and tsunami in 1755, presented by returning traveler at Dovetail on Columbus in NY. Great visit with Ben and then a healthy looking Betsey. Super Moon bright as vernal equinox greeted us in Pound Ridge. Savory sole dinner by versatile chef Alicat. Jake Jake Jaked his booty. Best B&B around.

TrekBooks features new favorites as well as some old ones with recent press. The River Gods, by Brian Kiteley came to us from Nancy in Boise a year ago. It’s about ghosts of the Connecticut River Valley and just got noticed by Gazette when Denver author visited Forbes Library in Northampton. Local ‘Good Fellas’ saga begins as ‘Big Al’ Bruno trial takes center stage. The inimitable defense attorney, Stacey Richman, will hold Fed court Downtown Manhattan.

Cool start to Spring. Crocuses sprouting, tho’ timid in forty degree temps all week. Warm porch soon? See TravelTreks for new Dr.H photos and locales.

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    1. you are too quick, we are playing with Gary’s photos but that ‘bridges’ is a good one of Brooklyn and Manhattan, will use it some time soon. glad you had great JeanGeorges “dessert dinner” for your anniversary (with a little food before) ha!


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