Doily Daze

What happened to sweet cut-out heart pasted on a doily? Now it’s flannel pajama-grams, teddy bears. Who likes this stuff? Give me good old-fashioned respect, consideration, love on the other 364 days of the year. Genuine affection was on full display this weekend in NYC. Special lunch at Union Square Cafe, Meyer-Romano legacy endures. Exuberance, beauty, joy abounded at wonderful Wax wedding,Yale Club. Sunday brunch in posh Park Slope loft exquisite followed by Brooklyn Crown Heights ‘roots’ tour to celebrate Betsey’s 86.

Caddy Shack lives! Go Bill Murray, Pro-Am Pebble Beach winner. He’s no glow-ball guy but hey. Grammy performers under-talented over- produced. Thank you speech line of the night, ‘and I want to thank my pregnant girlfriend over there’. Lovely. Bring back the quaint doilies. And Mick Jagger, still better than anyone.

Mount Holyoke responsible for the Valentine Doily Craze!? See comments.

2 Replies to “Doily Daze”

  1. Agree with you on Valentine’s Day, but did you know that the US obsession with V Day was started by a Mt. Holyoke grad, who had seen these lovely doily cards from England and started a company here – in the 1800s. There was an article in the past few days – don’t remember whether it was the S. Union of the Gazette.


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