Super Sorta

O’Reilly sniveled in PrezO presence, fun to watch. The game got close but never seemed so. GreenBay dominated, defense brilliant, provoked turnovers. Steelers’ coaching abysmal, especially on last drive. Too many injuries.

Aguilera blew StarSpangled lyrics, BlackEyedPeas’ sound bad but sang in tune, commercials lackluster. Aguilera wins. Oh and what’s with the women who fawn over, feed A-Rod grapes? Are you kidding me?

Major props to Joey3Sticks- Green Bay won, Rodgers MVP!

2 Replies to “Super Sorta”

  1. That was my favorite part. The camera panned from Madden texting on his cell phone (he was holding it away to accommodate his vision and thumbing the text obviously slowly) to Cameron Diaz feeding ARod popcorn. Too funny.


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