Head like lead cold. Yuk. Sick Beamer fixed. Yay. Get out of jail card. Looking forward to NY wedding, other fun stuff next weekend. JeanJean off to Cancun with the gals. Cuidado chicos de Yucatan. Dr.H got the phyllo, ready to go. WasteManagement Golf, really?!

SuperBowl– just hoping for a close game. I picked Pittsburgh to delight of GreenBay fans. As a reminder, on Jan 22, Joey3Sticks said Steelers-Packers in Superbowl; Packers winning 24-13 and Aaron Rodgers MVP. Let’s hope there’s a wardrobe malfunction and commercials are good.

3 thoughts on “WeekendTreks-StuffyPost

  1. However I also predicted a Patriot win over the Pack well before that…..but thanks for the props. What do I win if I get this prediction right? A weekend in Cancun would be nice. I’ll check if Cathy has any room in her bag for me. Ran out of oil at 12:30 last night…..no heat makes Jake, Joe & Al an unhappy family…….the fun in Pound Ridge continues


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