Blog Year

One year ago today I posted my first entry on TheSideTrek. It was all about TheCaffertyFile. Jack’s read my comments on the air many times since, yet I’m still surprised. A year later where are we? I told Jack the other night that political effectiveness is not gender specific, it’s person specific. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is an extremely effective political person. As seen firsthand by her interns, she cares deeply about military families. Now she will serve on the Armed Services Committee. That’s good.

Kardashians play as Cairo burns. WTF, right Sarah? I take it back RHBH are not disgusting women, they are silly seventh grade girls. Speaking of which, what’s a snart?! Stop giggling Nancy and Joey. Lots of raves for ‘King’s Speech’, including NYU critic. Partytime in Tooleyville this weekend. Can’t believe 25 years since Challenger blew up. Heard about it sitting on 33rd floor, CrockerBank Kearney Street, overlooking SanFranBay pre-merger with WellsFargo. Whoa.

A year of blogging. It’s kept me sane. Kinda.

5 thoughts on “Blog Year

  1. congrats on the one year anniversary of TheSideTrek…….so been a year of waking up and seeing your new post each morning.
    “Keep on Trekking”


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