Astro Treks

New Zodiac? 13th sign? We’re not who we thought we were. Dr.Husband, Ben and I were all ‘water’ signs- Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. All of a sudden we’ve become ‘air’ signs-Libra, Gemini, Aquarius. Whew. Now what do we do? I don’t know my own family any more. That stubborn Taurus friend, moody Sagittarian sib, kooky Capricorn colleague? They’re now flexible, stable and sane. Shaking our world.

Actually, I’m happy about it. It’s a new beginning. We can start over with better traits. Or, it could be the start of the Mayan prophecy, the Age of Aquarius, December 2012. Wooooo. I heard a theory today that all the dead birds have been slamming into an invisible alien ship hovering over the southeastern U.S. I’d better start writing more profound things, now that I’m an Aquarius.

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  1. So I totally missed the article on the revised astrological signs! I am a cusp person (moody Sagitarius). Tell me where to find this info so I can reinvent myself.


  2. Thanks! some of those signs really changed. When we will see the new horoscopes? I read mine every day when I do the crossword.


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