Vapidity of TV spills into the new year. Some of it is fun. Latest indulgence, Human Target. Compelling comic-book characters, make me laugh, as in cartoon. Especially, Guerrero, the torture specialist. Hawaii-Five-O and Psych, too. Fun is good. Biggest Loser, never got into it. Have they tried hula hooping? How about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? They all have the same face. Lips. Speaking of TV’s demise,  Will the internet replace TV as top news source?

Goldman Sachs’ Facebook deal. Another regulatory ‘end-around’ coup. See SideBizness. Any changes to NFL Playoff predictions? Joe’s NFL Picks: ‘AFC: Pats 27 Ravens 16  NFC: Eagles 31 Falcons 23  Super Bowl: Pats 34 Eagles 20.  MVP Tommy Boy. Bank on it!!’

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    1. problem is your sister and I kinda of know the Real Housewives of GS or very similar people who live in their NYC apt buildings………….


      1. gee, wonder why Beverly Hills husbands aren’t overjoyed to have their wives trash them on national t.v.?!

        Ben took his grandma to Guggenheim and then went to see your favorite, Hopper, at the Whitney. He’ll report back soon.


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