No Dinner Diet

When son went off to college, family meals took on a different shape-mine. As a writer, sit too much and Dr.Husband comes home late. Eating dinner after 8 expands girth. Cooking for two, leftovers became a challenge. So, a new framework emerged for me and my butt.

‘No Dinner’ Diet: Big breakfast, walk/exercise before 9. Stand whenever possible while typing. Full dinner-sized lunch with low-fat dessert. Late afternoon ‘hula hoop’ while watching soap or silly show. Hula hooping takes inches off middle, achieves balance, helps relieve anxiety.

Early evening, make dinner. Tasting is inevitable. While waiting for supper to simmer, take a walk in good weather or shoot a comment to Cafferty in winter. Serve dinner to happy hubby. Then, eat leftovers for lunch the next day. It works! Oh yeah, have a little cocktail with Dr.H before serving his dinner, that’s what keeps it working. Less waste, waist, stress. It’s all good.

5 Replies to “No Dinner Diet”

  1. It does sound like a good plan, but I would probably eat the big breakfast, lunch and DINNER too. (especially after the cocktail!)


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