Crystal Ballz – 2011

Good riddance to ‘Year of the Skunk’. No, not the Chinese year. My year.
Half of it spent with skunky hair until it eclipsed to silvery white. Then, last winter, stinky smell under porch. Skunks had taken up residence along with a few ‘possums. When they didn’t get along, pee yew. Called pest guy. Bye skunks!

2011 Predictions: It’ll rain. It’ll snow. It’ll be hot. It’ll be cold. I’ll turn old-er.
New books may hit the stands. Grads, weds, babes. Last undergrad tuition paid. Hula hoop, ‘no dinner diet’ continue. Or, pajama jeans. Tiger, GMac win majors. Morning Joe tosses hat in the ring. Larsson’s 4th manuscript published. DonDraper gets another MountHolyoke. Frister birthday celebration somewhere fun. Ballz rise and drop. Times Square, Main Street, elsewhere. Happy New Year!

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