The Side Trek – Worst 2010

Book- Franzen’s Freedom
Film- EatPrayBarf or SexCity2; Actor- Nicolas Cage; Actress- Julia Roberts
TV- Glee; Actor- David Spade; Actress- Courteney Cox
TV Reality- Real Housewives Beverly Hills
Music- Touring rock geezers, lost voices
Sports- Pats 45, Jets 3; Giants punt to Eagles; still hope for Tiger
Journalist- Greta Van Susteren
Story- Wars extended to infinity and beyond
Business- Big Banks Win, SEC Loses; Economics- Asia Rises, US/EU Falls
Restaurant- Most lately; Fashion- Krinkly kleavage
CandyPants’Pick- Lazy grammar/spelling

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5 Replies to “The Side Trek – Worst 2010”

  1. Book- Agree, Franzen Klamer needed to be freed from the slopes. Too many chairlifts falling these days.

    Film- EatPrayBarf or SexCity2 – Agree, Even Julia barfing makes me throw up in my mouth. Sara Jessica just makes me vomit period!! Actor- Nicolas Cage – Moonstruck so long ago!!!

    TV- Glee – Gay…..NOT that there’s anything wrong with that!!!; Actor- David Spade – Tommy Boy so long ago; Actress- Courteney Cox – She sucks!…..Springsteen…..Ok, nevermind.

    TV Reality- Real Housewives Beverly Hills – Real housewives of Pound Ridge is far worse. I shopped today at Scott’s Corners market and oh what a show they could have……..

    Music- Touring rock geezers, lost voices – Still waiting for Pink Floyd to join the group. Although they can still sing!!!!

    Sports- Pats 45, Jets 3 – I love to listen to jealous Pats fan moan and groan; Giants punt to Eagles – Joe Pisarcik Loved it!!!! ; still hope for Tiger – He should check out the real housewives of Pound Ridge!!!!!

    Journalist- Greta Van Susteren – Insignifacant since her wrinkles came back.

    Story- Wars extended to infinity and beyond – Sad and stupid!!

    Business- Big Banks Win, SEC Loses; Economics- Asia Rises, US/EU Falls – But Gordon Gekko still lives….Greed is Good!!!!

    Restaurant- Most lately – Food Snob!!….Wait…..Oh ya, just SNOB!!!!; Fashion- Krinkly kleavage – I’m actually looking down at my krinkly kleavage right now and Oh my Holy Lord!!!!!

    CandyPants’Pick- Lazy grammar/spelling – SEE ABOVE!!!!!!!!


  2. I predict you’ll have a column of your own. You are hilarious. and yes, she is a snob.
    Dr.H wetting pants laughing so hard. I’m going to send film crew with Andy Cohen.

    Keep us posted on RHPR.


  3. 2 restaurants will make snob’s best list 2011: Blue Heron in Sunderland, Ma., again, duck melted in mouth with brussel sprouts, mashed parsnips Tues nite. Bistro Zinc in Lenox, Ma., great burgers, authentic ambience, lunch with Sylvia, yesterday.


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