The Side Trek – Best 2010

Book- Wolf Hall
Film- Girl With Dragon Tatoo; Actor- James Franco; Actress- Noomi Rapace
TV- MadMen, 30 Rock; Actor- Jon Hamm; Actress- Kiernan Shipka
TV Reality- Top Chef
Music- no idea, still like Stones
Journalist- Jon Stewart; Story- Los Mineros de Chile
Sports- Ryder Cup Monday Finish
Politics- Witches Take Over TeaParty
Business- Buffett, Gates; Economics- Krugman
Restaurant- Nobu Next Door
Blog- Cafferty File; Bloggers- Loyal Treksters

8 Replies to “The Side Trek – Best 2010”

  1. Ok! Unlike the worst list, I actually know some of the references.

    Journalist – John Stewart? He’d appreciate the compliment but probably would disagree. I’m with you though. Give me the funny fake news.


  2. what happened to the cookbook list? I was going to add my favorite – the Gourmet (yellow) cookbook that my kids gave me about 5 yrs. with a lovely inscription. They call it the “Bible”. We all use it a lot; I think the recipes are great and generally not overly fussy.


    1. I’ll put a favorite cookbook section in the coming days for TrekBooks. Is it The Gourmet Cookbook, edited by Ruth Reichl? She’s one of my favorite food writers.


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