Hoop La

Holiday tv-mercials are baaack! Snuggies? Yup. Aunt Gladys hula hooping around in her bulky blue wool number. Not easy. I’m gonna get me the purple flower fleece. They come in camouflage with beverage holder, Lindz. Matching hoop optional. Merry Christmas everybody. Can Chia pets be far behind?

GovChrisChristie, like him, but he’ll need to hula hoop soon if he wants a national profile. Sarah tackling monetary policy? Loopy hoop. What’d you watch-Bristol hoofing or Lauer nagging W? Conan or Daily Show? Lauer’s interview getting good reviews. Conan’s whining jumping shark.

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  1. Conan was funny at 12:30. He was able to be himself and not worry so much about who was watching. Now at 11:00, it’s about ratings and ratings only and it shows. He’s a fantastic writer and should go back to it. His delivery is off and Andy is tired. Last night’s show was hyped as if we were going to be watching earth shattering tv and it didn’t deliver. Seth Rogen as his first guest? really? Even Seth questioned Conan on why he chose him, saying “Was there a some kind of Celebrity convention….Why me?” I want to like him and will continue to watch, but not sure he will be around for very long. John Stewart will outlast him and then move to CBS…..Bye, bye Dave!!!


    1. Saw Bush’s interview w/ Lauer and Oprah. He was determined to go to Iraq from the day he got elected, he’ll never convince me otherwise. It was all about swagger and avenging Dad.


  2. Just watched Conan (time warped via DVR) and couldn’t agree with Joe more. Self-conscious, irritating, and not very funny. Actually he was pretty creepy. He’ll never attract a sizable audience but given how cheap his production values are the equation will probably work for some time.

    As for John Stewart moving to CBS … never. Way too restrictive and it would be correctly perceived as a sell-out to THE MAN.

    Hi Jake!


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