Candy Pants Rant

Pants-peeves on another rainy day, add yours or trash hers:
– emoticons
– arthritis pills that cause suicide and tuberculosis
– sales clerks who talk to other clerks while you wait, btw yo comprendo
– parents’ clever spelling of children’s names, ignoring phonetics
– politeratti who pretend what they said isn’t what they said
– pathological liars and pervs who get t.v. contracts
– leaf blowers before dawn
CandyPants and Cafferty are kindred curmudgeons.

6 Replies to “Candy Pants Rant”

  1. What do you know about emoticons? Non texter lady…. : ( : ) :- O 🙂 : 3 : > : D –!–

    I have pills that taste like cream of botchulism soup!

    Alison and I were the best at that! Poor FS customers. Upper westside jerks anyhow!!


    I mean……JAIYCQUE!!!!!

    I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!!!

    Or I DID have sexual relations with Ashley…. Can I take over for Rick now. Come on??? I didn’t call anyone a bigot!!!


      1. Oh boy. Get the 2 of you going and things can get very quickly out of hand. I, on the other hand, have much more important things to do than rant and rave about insipid irrelevant irritants.


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