Weekend Treks – Dunes Ayer

Happy, happy. September summer beach weather, relaxing sojourn on the dunes. Little necks, steamers, surf. Yum. Amagansett shores with no one else on the sand for far as the eye could see in either direction. Perfection. On this trip to the island noticed that every other house is for sale, there are no good restaurants left, even old haunts gone. Citarella, Clam Bar saved the day.

Stopped by H&D home, adorable in North Fork village on the bay with great yard for doggie B. Spirits of Poppy & Meme snooped around with us. Knew we had the right place when we saw Meridian over garage door. Sweet.

Four ferries later, back in Flo. News of moose up the road in Whately, Maria Muldaur coming to town. Aw yes great to be home. Maria Muldaur was my 35th birthday surprise at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley, or not.

DrH got lost under Stephen King’s dome, whipped thru 1,000 pages. Now that’s a page-turner. Still savoring Mantel’s “Wolf Hall”, brilliantly woven fabric of voices. Cromwell unplugged.

click on photo- DrH took from deck of our condo

7 thoughts on “Weekend Treks – Dunes Ayer

  1. Geez….that’s quite the view!! Nothing better than the beach in September or late afternoon as Dad used to say. So glad you had a wonderful time. Come on? Really? No good restaurants in the Hamptons? You guys put the capital C in critical when it comes to food. I will never recommend a restaurant to you ever again…..but I still love you!


  2. Great photo’s & surf,,,yikes!

    No, Maria M is finally making good on her birthday visit. SURPRISE!!

    Not just to be a troublemaker but I am enjoying Franzen’s ‘Freedom’.


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