Success Trek September

So many ways we make a difference, the past few weeks have taught me that. Men and women make a difference by going to work every day to care for the sick, teach, provide services for disadvantaged. One young man is looking to create new ways of doing business with a view to helping the world. Being a loyal child, sibling, parent, partner, friend- that makes a vital difference. Here’s to all of our successes this September.

Eileen Gould provides a special support vehicle quarterly, the Fall Edition of “Bridges” is available online here. Everyone knows someone who could benefit from reading stories from cancer survivors, their families, caregivers.

LifeOnPurposeRadio show every Tuesday at 11am, Deb interviews women with wide-ranging experiences, interests, purposes.

8 Replies to “Success Trek September”

  1. I see a great merger here… Eileen, I would love to have you as a guest on the radio show. Talk about finding a silver lining,,, creating ‘Bridges’ which now help so many survivors and their families.

    CandyPant, my fearless blogsphere leader is also a great stealth editor. I was smoking in the girls room during English class.


  2. Wow ladies so thoughtful of you with your words. Very fitting on 9/11 as I watch the tv news this a.m. and remember that day. Never thought anything could top getting the diagnosis of cancer for first time at age 21 or the SF earthquake in 1989. However, 9/11 is beyond words but giving back in some way has helped.


  3. I’ve lived in NYC for many years now and was here 9 years ago on this date that changed everyones lives forever. I live 2 blocks from the hallowed grounds in which so many lost there lives in such a horrific manner. I’ve never gone to listen or see the families as they read the names at ground zero. I felt compelled to go this year as I was watching on tv as well as from my window. Jake and I sat and listened as the names were read. As these unlucky families who lost loved ones hugged, wept and remembered, I couldn’t help but notice that it seemed they had gained new family members with those who were next to them and had also lost someone. Smiles and laughter soon would take the place of tearing eyes and sorrow. I witnessed the same thing at the American cemetery in Normandy a few years back and couldn’t help but think that the term “We will never forget” has come true again and will forever.


    1. wow, it must have been so poignant to be there, with Jake. I always remember frantically trying to find Cindy and making sure she found you and Alison, which she finally did.


  4. A great story & example of humans at their best. Compassion and shared sorrow can’t replace their unspeakable loses but the healing power you witnessed is palpable. Especially with your beautiful new son and new lease on life.


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