Jello Treks

Summer haze like walking through Jello. If people are out of jobs and consumer debt is out of control, why can’t I find a decent hotel room anywhere for less than $500 a nite? OK decent is a relative term.

Mount Holyoke has made a resurgence, mentioned on “Mad Men”. Don is supposed to be enticed by a potential date that looks like Virginia Mayo, was on the Mount Holyoke gymnastics team? Maybe that was a good thing in the 60’s. In Steve Hely’s book, “How I Became a Famous Novelist”, Steve’s black roommate visits Mount Holyoke to lose his virginity. He succeeds with a “not unpretty girl”. Now this is the Mount Holyoke I know and love.

Could hear Cyndi Lauper show from back porch the other night, she was performing down the road at the Pines Theater in Look Park. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Who’d you rather have for your Mother- Sarah, Kate or Hillary? I’ve decided to be eccentric. It sounds cooler than boring, nutty and old.

5 Replies to “Jello Treks”

  1. Mount Holyoke has never had a gymnastics team that I know of. Betty & Don’s divorcee neighbor went there too.


  2. On a good note…. Hats off to the judge in Arizona who overturned that horrific immigration law put in place by that skanky Gov. Yes, she annoys me!!! Interesting to watch coverage on CNN as apposed to Foxnews. Rick Sanchez does an outstanding job of calm, cool, fair reporting while the blonde bims on Fox simply get there hair standing straight up in the air (not just the 1960’s hairspray).

    Cyndi Lauper always sounded like fingers on a chalkboard to me so I can’t imagine how loud she was on your porch. Vodka, gin and earplugs go along way to making her go bye bye. Woo hoo!!!! I’m out!


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