Shak Trek

Chatty Cathy (the doll) came to market in 1959, same year as sweet sis. Happy +1 JeanJean! Lobster shak trek turned into fun rainy late day picnic. Lindzer has embraced take-out. Tommy can you hear me? JJ reminisced about being in the rock opera on the mountain in our own minds. Re-gifting and laughs galore.

Daniel Schorr won’t be down for breakfast and I will miss him every Saturday morning on NPR, lucid and acute at 93 even a couple of weeks ago. At the risk of redundancy, Financial Reform Bill worthless if audit entities don’t know what they’re auditing. Can’t wait for MadMen on Sunday. Mad World, the song, riveting finale of the Franco arc. GemQueen enjoying fam at ChateauCincy.

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  1. Happy Birthday to me. Thanks for a great lobster shack experience. Wish someone could have pumped at the gas station for me!!!!


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