The Side Trek – Carol Colitti Levine

6 months of blogging and 9,000 views later, I’m still having fun. Hope you’ll keep reading. Speaking of reads, Lyndall Gordon’s book about Emily Dickinson’s secret love, a recent HuffPost link on thesidetrek, is now a hot pick, “Lives Like Loaded Guns.” Another GQ find, “The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham”, by Selina Hastings. “Captive Queen” by Alison Weir about Eleanor of Aquitaine is getting mixed reviews.

Tiger fizzled as did Phippy. It’s an international leader board as it should be. My sentimental fave would be Lee Westwood, but Oosthuizen has played phenomenal golf, nice Dutch South African from farm family who joined Ernie Els foundation to learn the game.

Watched Swedish movie adaption of “Girl With the Dragon Tatoo” on new blue ray last night. It’s rare that a film can surpass its phenom book counterpart, but this one does. Salander is perfectly cast, she looks like what I imagined her to look like. More astonishing, this woman plays Lisbeth with a conviction that brings her into sharper focus than the book. Great acting, casting, editing. Blomqvist is a tad stockier than I pictured him, but he is brilliant as well and his stupid married girlfriend in the book is not in the movie, good call. Even if you are the one person who hasn’t read Tatoo Girl, this is worth the watch.

The Side Trek is channeling changes for the Fall. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll keep blahhh  –  ggging.

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  1. Blahhhhg on! We are always entertained even if not always commenting.
    Based on your review going to rent Tattoo soon.
    Hear Joey got the new iPhone and before ME. Does that make me a fallen geek?!! But it is enjoyable getting his random ‘how to’ text’s. He IS a Luddite, technophob with training wheels.


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