Ben Day

Happy 21st Ben! As is typical of you, the day will be spent working for Senator Gillibrand, helping her constituents get tax refunds, war medals and researching funding and tax policy.  Soon you will be the sole undergrad student on the committee to choose the new Dean of NYU’s Liberal Arts College. President Sexton has good taste. A summer article appears in the Washington Square News where you will complete your term as Opinion Editor this Fall.

As you near graduation you’ve already accomplished more than most. To say that I am proud is obvious. Over the years we’ve learned a lot from each other. I gain insights and perspective from you all the time. I am happy that you still seek my advice as well as your Dad’s. We love that we remain resources even if you’ve eclipsed us in your knowledge of technology, economics and many other fields.

Can’t believe it has been 21 years since I walked across Lafayette Park in SanFran to get you born. Apologies for the indulgent post, but’s it’s my blog and I’ll kvell if I want to. Happy Birthday Benjamin Philip Joseph!

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  1. You are a star! Happy Birthday Ben. As someone who attended some of your birthday parties in Lafayette Park, I am impressed with you and not it’s not just based on your mom’s opinion. Senator G is lucky to have you this summer.
    Enjoy and best wishes,


  2. Happy Happy to Ben & Colby!! Ben has a Bloody Mary from fav aunt Deb in the Bank. Colby, you got one on hold too,,,it will be fermenting.

    Ben at 21 doesn’t really surprise me a bit that he is running the editorial board, senatorial campaigns, all points St. Marks Place with quite a future to unfold, no doubt.

    It was all too apparent when he was running the show from his corner cubby room in Pacific Heights,,,age 6 months!


  3. Belated birthday greetings, Ben. I’m not surprised either, and Mom, I understand the indulgent post! It’s not just that we are proud of them; we are also happy for them, and …. perhaps a wee bit jealous!


  4. Happy Birthday to Ben!!! Congratulations on your awesome accomplishments from another of the Layfayette Park crowd!
    Big Hugs to you!!
    P.S. Good job to Candypants & Dr. Husband


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